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We have established the first position in the field of car maintenance thanks to the best conditions and service and are a multiple winner of national awards.

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All necessary spare parts are available at the station, and rare spare parts will be delivered from our warehouse within 2 hours

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Why is a seasonal tire change necessary and when should it be done?
Tire fitting is not just replacing worn tires, but a comprehensive, high-quality and professional service from experienced specialists.

Reasons for applying for tire fitting services:

Seasonal change of tires. With the onset of cold weather, it is necessary to change tires to winter ones, otherwise bad weather can catch you by surprise. Timely replacement of tires will save you money and also increase the safety of your car. On the contrary, with the onset of summer heat, soft winter rubber quickly wears out under the influence of high temperature.

Tire wear, damage. Rubber tends to age and spontaneously break down within 5 years. After this period, we recommend changing the tires, regardless of the condition of the tread and the integrity of the tire.

According to the rules, there are maximum permissible degrees of wear, depending on the depth of the tread. And if the wear of the tire is uneven, this is also a reason for its replacement.

The tires do not meet the rules of the traffic rules or the manufacturer's recommendations.

If you study the rules, it becomes clear that all installed tires on the car must have the same parameters. Otherwise, you should contact a tire repair shop to fix the problem.