is necessary to register in advance, it was served for the second time, everything is high quality and quite affordable for the cost of the work.


Real masters of their craft!!! Thanks!!! Very good service, polite administrator, competent craftsmen!!!


I did the collapse/climbing - the staff is friendly and responsive. Adequate response to comments. I recommend the price and quality.


They adapt to the client, the prices are moderate, the quality is good, large + that work until 20:00. There are queues and this indicates a large number of satisfied customers.


Promptly and qualitatively, parts can be reordered in the process of work. Mechanics are friendly and always ready to shed light on all the secrets of your car.


There were questions about the cooling system, and there was also a pending check. Diagnostics were done on the system, quite thorough, everything was fine, there was a glitch in the device that showed the temperature incorrectly. They don't have electricity on weekends, so it's impossible to connect the computer. Minus for this, if you declare that you work without days off, then all your craftsmen must be at work.


I found a pothole on the road and it broke the bolt connecting the engine crankcase protection to the car body. Since the accident happened almost at the end of the working day, there was almost no hope of a quick fix. But the service team helped and eliminated this mess. For which I am very happy, and I write this review with pleasure.


Good store, good managers, I bought 4 filters for the Passat - they were all in stock, there is also a service station at the store, I left good impressions.


I was pleasantly surprised by the last service. The mechanic carefully examined all the car's systems, reported any malfunctions and did his job quickly, thank you.


On the weekend, I stopped by to replace the brake pads, everything was done quickly and efficiently, the mechanics answered all the questions I had. In a word, WELL DONE.


I really liked the service. I did a breakdown in them, they did everything very quickly and qualitatively. Pleasant staff, there is a waiting room with a coffee machine. There are many cars on the service, so I recommend making an appointment in advance.